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My story is a never-ending journey...much like all of us. I began my search for biblically wise women years ago to seek advice and fellowship with likeminded local Christians. I have cried with, prayed with, laughed with, shared my children with, and trusted in the women of Sanctuary women. These women love the Lord first and foremost and seek to help spread the gospel to the women in the Lake Norman area. Surrounding myself with such biblical truths and praying with Sanctuary women has both strengthened my faith and the relationships around me. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will use Sanctuary women to change lives in our area and helps enhance the biblical support network for women of all ages!!


Pam uses the Word of God as an encouragement to obedience, for herself and others. She loves on and serves women as if it’s what God created her to do. She is a counselor, a leader, a listener, an empathizer. She uses Scripture as the compass for her wisdom, her speaking, and her actions (I have never seen her do otherwise), and I know better and do better because of what God has done through her.


Pam Meyer is the person who introduced me to the Starbucks mobile app, for which I am forever grateful. (It’s not unheard of to find camaraderie and friendship over espresso drinks and breakfast sandwiches.) We have had shared more than a few conversations in coffee shops, but the truth is, she has met me anywhere I needed her, and her counsel is always good.

I knew Pam first several years ago as an acquaintance. I then knew her as a Bible study leader/facilitator. Somewhere, along the oft-rocky road of listening to her humbly and authentically share her testimony and story with me and other women in our small group, thus making us brave to do the same, she became a trusted and valued mentor.

Pam put up with how much we questioned and struggled with Scripture: when we admitted flat-out to reallynot liking certain Bible verses, and wishing we didn’t have to, you know, follow what those verses said.

On the shoulder of that road, Pam became a great friend: the kind of friend who models her life and her works after Jesus’ example: love made alive in service to others, time, wisdom, and telling truths in no uncertain terms. She became the kind of friend who steers me back on the correct side of the road when I’m wavering across the middle yellow line.

I trust Pam with deep heartaches and she listens. I give her pat answers to hard questions (you know, those questions only certainkinds of friends will ask)—and she waits for the real answer without even needing a glance at my not-poker face. I have witnessed how she loves others and humbles herself. I have seen how she is deeply concerned with what is above reproach: good and acceptable and in God’s will. 

That Pam has started Sanctuary Women in Ministry is not a surprise; it is practically who she is and what I have always known her to do. God has used her—is using her—to shine his light to women who are desperately in need of Him. (Really, aren’t we all?) 

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